Monday, 11 December 2017

Talking with Andrew Patterson

Today team 5 had a talk with Andrew Patterson, and this time he brought someone with him and it was a year 12 boy named Raenan. Raenan talked to us about his life at Tamaki College, when he was in intermediate his mum said that he was going to Tamaki College but he didn't want to go there but he wanted to go to other schools near his house but he figured that tamaki was the best for him. When Raenan was 12 years old he had set a goal for himself and that goal was to try and be a deputy boy and now in 2017 he is a deputy boy. After Raenan was talking about his life Andrew Patterson showed us a video of a boy saying a speech, his Dad was in prison for 7 years.
My goal for being a year 8 is being a role models for younger kids.

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