Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Goldie and Bear

Once upon a time there lived a Girl named Goldie and a bear named Bear.Goldie and Bear were best friends, they lived in a place called Fairy tale Forest.Everyday Goldie would go to Bears house, and together they would explore Fairy tale Forest.One day when Goldie went to bears house.Bears Mum made some cookies for Bear and Goldie.As Goldie was eating her cookie she asked Mr&Mrs bear How Her and Bear met.(And the story began).Once Goldie and her dad moved to Fairy Tale Forest,Goldie's Dad asked Goldie to go around to all the houses in Fairy tale forest and  hand out some housewarming envelopes. Once Goldie got to Bears house.She knocked on the door, But no one would answer, So she went inside. Once she was inside she could smell something very nice.And it was the smell of porridge.(now we all know how this bit goes) She went to the first bowl of porridge (TOO HOT) Next bowl (TOO COLD) and finally the last bowl (JUST RIGHT). So she ate that all up.Then she felt sleepy . So she went up stairs where the beds were.She tried the first bed,(TOO HARD) The next bed (TOO Soft) And the last bed(JUST RIGHT). When the bears got home they could see that the porridge was eating, The they heard a sound up stairs.So they went upstairs,and found Goldie sleeping in Bears bed.But instead of  scary Goldie off they woke her up. Goldie gave the invitation to the bear family and went home hoping to see them at the housewarming party.When the bear family got to the housewarming party Goldie was so surprised to see them.And after the housewarming was over Goldie and Bear became best friends. And that is the story of how Goldie and Bear Met.

WALT - Use interesting language in our writing

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