Friday, 17 August 2018

Why is perseverance important

why is perseverance important

I am going to be talking about why perseverance is important. My 3 main ideas is standing up for people, treat other people the way you want to be treated and try new things.

Standing up for people - Standing up for people is important because if you don't stand up for other people then no-one will stand up for you when your in trouble. It's good to stand up for people because if you are in trouble people will stand up for you and you won't need to get worried about anything because you have people to back you up.

Treat people the way you wanted to be treated and be kind - It is important to be kind because if you be kind to people then they will be kind to others. You treat others the same way you treat your parents so that they will treat you the way you want them to. It's also good to be kind to them then they will be kind back to you and be kind to others.

Try new things and never give up - It's always good to try new things, like when you move to a different area you can make new friends from the neighbourhood. It is also good to try new foods when go to a restaurant because it might taste good but might not look good to eat. You can also try a new sport and if you fail then keep trying until you it and never give up so you can reach your goal.

In this piece of writing you should now know why perseverance is important and you should use it everywhere you go, you should remember this so that if someone is getting put down you can help them and if you see someone giving up then you should encourage them to finish whatever they are doing.

WALT: use punctuation in our writing

Friday, 3 August 2018

My idea's to help you have a fun holiday

Hi my name is Angels and today I am going to talk about how to make your holiday fun. I am also gonna give you some tips on how to have a better holiday.

In this paragraph I am going to talk about what I did in the first week of the holidays. In the first week of the holiday I didn't do anything fun because I was sick since Tuesday to Friday. The only thing I did was play  games on the computer. I also talk to some of my friends on mail and see what they are up to. I was also able to play in the same game as them.

On the second week I went to my little cousins 1st birthday at chipmunks, and the whole place was just for the birthday at night. At chipmunks all I did with my family was play tag in the play area and go on the big inflatable slide. Some people that came was from overseide to come to the birthday. It came to dinner and we all started to eat, there was a lot of different pizza flavour heaps of KFC and heaps of other stuff their then after that we all had dessert and went home at 10.00 PM

On Saturday I went to sylvia park to watch the movie jurassic world fallen kingdom. The movie was cool and after that we went to the timezone in town. At the time zone I saw  Maryanne with her family. I played the games their and got tickets and chose some prizes. After that we had to have dinner so we went to la porchetta to have dinner but then when we arrived it was full and we had to wait 30 min if we wanted to eat their, we didn't want to wait so we just went to Sal’s pizza, it wa also my first time trying it out then we finished and went to the wherehouse. We went to the where house to buy a headset then went home and tested it out to play some games with it.

On the 2nd week of the holidays some of our family members came over to my house to have lunch with us. After we had lunch they turned on the PS4 and started to play Fortnite. My uncle played solo then died then it was the next person's turn. They then went home and my Dad started to play and I tried it but it want as fun as I thought it was going to be.

The things that I did in the holidays were fun. You should try some of the things. This is what I did in the holidays and hopefully you have a fun holiday too.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The seven stones of sligo

WALT: recognise cause and effect and imagine beyond
This story is a myth and legend on why there is seven stone at Sligo bay.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Level 5 Extension

Level 5 Extension!

Two different shops advertise oranges for sale.
Shop A =$3.20 for 2kg
. Shop B= $4.50 for 3kg

Which shop is giving the best buy for 7kg of oranges? Shop B

Two building suppliers advertise soil for sale.
Building Supplier A offers soil at $130 per 2 cubic metres.
Building Supplier B offers topsoil at $25 per 1⁄2 cubic metre.

Which supplier offers the best buy for 3 cubic metres of topsoil? Building Supplier B

INVESTIGATION Use any of the the symbols (, ), +, -, ×, or ÷ to make the expression below into the largest possible number. Each symbol can only be used once.
9 7 16 0.5

The above diagram is of a section of a bridge. A, B, C, D, E, F, G are vertical supports.
The vertical support A = 10 metres long.
ALSO:  length A = G, length B = F length C = E.

The length of B is 3/ 5 of A.- 6 m
The length of C is ⅘ of B- 4.8 m
The length of D is 9/10 of C - 0.48m
Calculate the total length of the supports. 12.28

FRACTIONS TO DECIMALS Change these fractions to decimals.
1/10  - 0.1                ⅜ - 0.375
3/10 - 0.3                   3/1000 - 0.003
⅖  - 0.4                             21/50 - 0.42
17/10 - 1.7                          8/20 - 0.4
⅛ - 0.125                                1 ¾ - 1.75

DECIMALS TO FRACTIONS Change these decimals to fractions.
0.4 - 4/10          0.0002 - 2/10000
0.314 - 314/100   
0.5 - 5/10       
0.175 - 175/1000
0.28 - 28/100

QUICK QUESTIONS Use any strategy. Don’t use a calculator.
1. 1.41 + 2.53 = 3.94
2. 25.4 - 24.1 = 1.3
3. 25 × 7 = 175
4. 2.5 × 7 =17.5
5. 24 ÷ 3 = 8
6. 2.4 ÷ 3 = 0.8
7. Round 3.156 to 1 DP. 3.2
8. -2 + 4 = 2
9. -2 - -3 =1
10. 3 - -4 + -5 = 2
11. 2.15 + 4.62 = 6.77
12. 7.53 - 7.39 = 0.14
13. 24 × 6 =79.44
14. 2.4 × 6 = 14.4
15. 141 ÷ 3 = 47
16. 14.1 ÷ 3 =4.7
17. Round 5.394 to 1 DP. 5.4
18. -12 + 3 = -9
19. -4 - -6 = 2

20. -8 + -2 - -6 = -4

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Swimming Lessons DIMIC

This is my working out

The equation is to find the difference between 14.99 and 15.55.
My working out way is the number line. So you start at the lower number which is 14.99 + what = 15.55.
So I did 14.99 + 0.01 = 15 because it is more easy to add another decimal to a whole number. The next thing I did was 15 + 0.55 = 15.55. Then I am going to add 0.01 + 0.55 = 0.56. But now they have the same time so Jayde has to swim 0.01 to beat Paikea.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018