Friday, 26 May 2017

3 days without year 8

1st DAY

On the first day of the we got into our teach groups, mine was rua/2. Then we voted for a group name and group leaders and a group chant. Our leaders are Samoa and Javan our group name was don't worry then it was churries, the other teams names are fobaliscoius, and munchies. After morning tea Churries was doing cooking , we made truffles. After lunch time we played some sports.

2nd DAY

On the second day it was rush so we had to do 2 rotations. First the churies did art for the first rotation and the 2nd rotation was doing activities with Mrs Judd. The activates we did was who could build the talest tower without touching it, we had to use marshmallow and spaghetti sticks.We ate mornig tea and headed off to our new teach group.  After Lunch we did our run and did reading with the little kids.

3rd DAY

We went to assembly and went back to our groups and played stacking cups, and did blogging .

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