Friday, 17 March 2017


Polyfest in the middle of nowhere

This is going to be about the polyfest on thursday 2017. We had a great day didn’t get to see a whole show on thursday. Our legs were exhausted then the next day my legs were sore for the rest of the day.

My highlight was looking around the food tents and a thing which looked like a pair of big thick glasses and when you look in them you are in a different world. There was a man dying in a offic place then it changed then I was in the ambulance with the man that was dying and there were more. And near that place was a little sand area and you had to look for something in the pit of sand. Ata was looking there she felt something but didn't dig enough then she looked somewhere else and someone else found it.

My 2nd highlight was watching people on the stage sing and one person was from pt england school and her name was Alexis. There were some other cool people that sang too and I wanted Alexis or this college girl to win and the college girl won. But Alexis was really good aswell and there was a group of 3 intermediate kids sang too. There was one teenage boy that sang but he didn’t win but at the end of the competition he jumped of the stage and his friends caught him, the girl won some DVDs.

My 3rd highlight was looking at the different stores and watching people singing and they were all so good. And we got to have a tatto but it was hard to scrub of , next thing we did was going back to our helper which was Dez’s Aunty and in our group was Fetuao, Ata, Dez, Aliyah, Dan, Bryanna, all girls in the group. We walked around and there were stores every where and and it was very hot and my legs wasn’ t.

Here is a story

Starting at the polyfest, once we were inside the polyfest we sat down for almost 1 whole hour but when we got to go we went to have a picture first then played games.
After that we ate lunch then got split into groups when we were in our groups we went to the moria stage where we met Dez’s cousin or other anuty. We put our bags and things down and went for a walk but Dez’s aunty stayed behind.

We went to a place with these thick glasses which took you to a different world and it will take you different places.
Once we were finished Dez and her cousin left us so we went back to the maori stage were her aunty was but as we were walking she came to us and she asked were Dez was and we didn't know were they were.
We look and looked but we couldn't find them so we went back to the stage to see if they were there and they were, they were watching the performance but we couldn't go to them because the gates were closed and there were security guards, because if you walk in and walk out it is rude. We could only watch part of it.

I hope we could go back and watch a whole dance of any culture. And visit all of the performances.  Over all I had a great day and it was a beautiful day.

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