Thursday, 23 February 2017

Why you need to drink water

I am going to explain why we should drink water

Need to drink water because 80 percent of your body needs water.  If you don't drink enough water you would get dehydrated and you would get headaches,frustrated,tired,angry,stressed,annoyed

Healthy : You drink water because it keeps you healthy. 1 It is SUGAR FREE !!!! and it gives you energy to run and to play sports. It even helps you stay hydrated  and to keep strong.

Drinking water cleans your body by washing down the junk food so you can have a clean body on the inside. It will also keep you fit and a lot of things that can happen when you drink water. When you drink it after you have sugar you will feel much better.

Drink water it is healthy and it can do a lot of good things happen to you.

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