Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Explanation Template 2

I am going to explain three ideas of a fun weekend.

Clip n Climb . When we arrive we put on our safety belt then then the clip & climb guards tell us the rules and how to use the belts. Then we go and start climbing and  on one of the climbing walls and I like doing that because i want to know how would win. I can Climb all the way to the top of seven climbing walls.

Rainbows End with family. We could go on all of the rides together and we can all have fun on the rides then we can go have lunch while the little kids can go on kid kingdom. When rainbows end is closed we could go and play some games in the arcade room.

Country or island. I would like to go to Australia because I have some family there and because there are a lot of  theme parks which are movie world wet n wild and a lot more. We can go and see my family and there house has a pool.

I like doing things with my family. I also love doing fun things and exploring things as well.

WALT - Plan for a  piece of explanation writing.
                  - Use the' Title-Introduction-Information-Conclusion (TIIC)

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