Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The blindfold ball game

WILF: Use interesting words and word groups to write simple and complex sentences

Today our literacy class played a game called the blindfold game. Before the game we had to get into a large circle. Then we were able to start the game.

First we had to put 2 blindfolds on to make sure that you could not see. Then the people with the blindfold on has to pick a colour out of green, yellow, pink, red and blue. Once they had picked their colours they had to try and get all of the plastic balls but it has to be the colour you choose.

Machelle’s colour was yellow and Aysha’s colour was red and Revival colour was  pink and Wesley’s colour was green and Andrew’s colour was blue. Then our teacher started a timer and the time was 2 minutes. Once the timer started everybody was getting so crazy that they did not know what they were even saying.

People kept on saying yes no yes no. As the people were looking for there colour plastic ball, they kept on getting other people's ball. Sometimes when they get the wrong ball they chucked it into somebody else's basket. Once other people played the same thing kept on happening .

This game is really fun. You should play it . While you watch you can't stop sayinging yes no yes no. When you are blindfolded it is hard to try and get your own ball.

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