Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Eating worms

Walt: I am thinking about my purpose and reader by planning my recount.

Room 8 literacy class had an experience about eating worms. Our teacher is so crazy because she let us eat worms. Our teacher gives us crazy things to eat.

We got raw worms from in a packet  we put the worms into a bowl. Then we put some chicken flavour onto the raw worms then we put hot water into the bowl then we all have to wait until it gets soggy. When the worms are soggy we started to mix the worms in the bowl.

Once the worms were ready our teacher got tongs and she put some worms into the tongs and she suddenly put it in our mouths. As soon as the worms dropped into our mouths and it wiggled everywhere. Everybody was looking at other people eating there worms.

I think worms are nice to eat. I also think that they are the most delicious thing to eat in the world. The worms are nice and warm and they are not dirty and ugly.

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