Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How to prevent yourself from getting sick

How to prevent yourself from getting sick

Introduction -
If you don't like getting sick then read this because their is some ways on not getting.

Paragraph 1 Don't play in the rain - 
If you play in the rain then you might get sick because all of the water is going into your clothes. If you wear the same clothes for around 1 hour it looks dry but it is damp. You are also wearing that water wherever you go as long as you have the clothes from the rain.

Paragraph 2 Wash your hand and use hand sanitizer -
If you help someone pick up rubbish the after that you should wash your hands so that no bacteria will stay on and if you don't wash your hands then you could get sick. If there's a lost dog or cat or any animal if you pat the animal then make sure you wash your hand after because that animal might have a disease and other things. If you cough on your hand then wash your hands because all of the bacteria is on your hands so you want to wash it away.E.G When your 

Paragraph 3 Keep warm it's winter -
When it is winter you should wear warm jackets pants or anything warm to prevent you from getting sick. If you play outside when it is winter you should take a warm shower or drink something hot to cool you down so you won't get sick. E.G If you are walking back in the cold then drink something hot.

Conclusion -  
Now that you have read this now you should know how to keep yourself from getting sick. You should use these ideas when you don't want to get sick.

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