Friday, 16 October 2015

In the Holiday

On a rainy day I and my family went to Parakai Hot pools. We stopped at a bakery to get something to eat.  As we were getting closer it started to rain.

Once I and my family got to the pools it stopped raining. Once we payed to get in I got ready to go in the pools. I jumped in and instead of going down the ladder I jumped. The water was warm and not cold the weather was ok.

WALT: write a recount about my school holiday  using effective paragraphs.

I was swimming under water and I found a rubber band and I threw it somewhere so i could go and look for it again. Once I was looking for the rubber band I found another rubber band and it was a purple rubber band. when I  found the rubber band my aunty mumo tied them together to make a slingshot with it.My cousins Byron and sammes wanted to play a game. We kept on playing and then my aunties came and played with us too.

When we were tired of playing my cousins aunty and uncle and i went on the water slide. Everybody went on the small one except for me and my cousin  Medea” .” We went on the water slide we went back up the stairs and on the little waterslide for a ride again. When I went down then everybody in my family went after me.

When we finished going on the waterslide lots of times we all went to have a quick swim later on we had lunch . I had hot chips and nuggets we also had a slushy while we were having lunch the slushy was yum but some of my cousins didn’t like it.  We the kids didn't eat that much hot chip because there was to much. When I was full eating lunch I had a rest before I go back in the pools.

When it was getting late my family had to pack up and I had to have a shower befor I went home. Once My family finished  packing up we went home. Next time I would want to go to any pools.

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