Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Living on a farm

Walt: Write paragraphs with a variety of sentence lengths and complexities

Favorite thing that I would like to do on a farm. I would like to do lots of things on the farm. I could play with the animals.

If I lived on a farm I would like to give the cows there medicine on there back. I would like to give the cow medicine, because it's like shooting a cow but I wouldn't shoot a cow. I will put some medicine in its mouth. Putting it in its mouth will be going to be hard work.

My second best thing that I could do on a farm is horse riding. I love riding a horse because you go fast. I could also make the cows go into the pen.

It has been interesting to learn about what it would be like to live on a dairy farm, all the jobs you get to help with and animals you care for. But living there full time? No thank you. I think I’ll stick to the city.

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