Monday, 27 July 2015

In the holiday

Walt: Write a recount about Immersion Assembly or a Holiday Highlight

In the holidays I went to Jump and Jump is a place with lots of trampolines and all other stuff too and there is a cafe. I went with my cousin sister uncle and unty. We got to Jump in a car and we got there at 10 something.  We waited until it was 11 o’clock because there are sections and the sections are 1 hour. We went there just for the school holidays. When it hit 11 o’clock we went inside jump.

As we got inside Jump we went to pay then the people at the counter gave us a yellow band and some socks with things at the bottom and it was a little bit sticky and when I put on and when I started to walk with the socks on it felt weird but I got used to it. Then a man came to talk about the rules and what was there to do like the main area the main area is with lots of trampolines and  the dodgeball area is like normal dodgeball except you're playing on a trampoline and the  foam pit area the foam pit area is like there is a lot of square sponges in a deep hole and there is two trampolines to jump on  you jump on it then you jump into the foam   and there is a big one but it's not that big and it looks like a big blue box and in front there is a little trampoline so you can jump on it then jump into the foam . Then he said put your hand up and show me the yellow band. Then we got to go and play YAY! finally. Everybody started to run everywhere but I didn’t run I stayed at the back then when everybody vanished and when they were gone I went to go and play on the main area.

Once I got on the main area I and my cousin and my little sister got on the main area we started to jump. Once we started to jumped we went real high but on a normal trampoline you start off lowe on the trampoline          then you go higher then higher but when you go to Jump and when you jump you start off high. You can get tired fast and when I and my cousin and my sister got bored we went on the foam pit area first I went on the high one first and it was fun. I tried the small one next and that one was also fun then we went back to the main area . Then I jumped high then  I got tired I went to have a drink from the cafe.

After I had a drink I went back on the trampoline and jump jump jump!. Then I and my casin saw this girl doing tricks and it was awesome and we think she is in gymnastics. Then I had a competition with my cousin and sister we had to jump on a trampoline once then jump onto another trampoline but I kept on jumping on the trampoline 2 times. My little sister didn’t do what I did because it would be to hard so she did lots of steps. There is trampoline on the walls. I can run and then jump onto the trampoline on the wall.

We only have 5 minutes left when it was 5 minutes left I saw a girl jump on a trampoline then she jumped on a plat form and once she did that I tried to copy her but it was to hard and the platform was high but not that high and I kept on trying and like in 2 minutes later I could almost do it. Because I always jump on the trampoline then when I tried to jump on the platform I always land on my knees. Then later I could do it finally. Then I showed my cousin and my cousin can't even do it only I can. Then it was time to go but I didn't want to go I wanted to stay and play.

Once we were leaving first we got a pineapple slushy with some mango in it and it was  yum!. Then I took off my jump socks then I put on my normal socks on because it was to hard to put on my shoes with the jump socks on. Then we left Jump bye!. Next time I want to go to Waiwera Hot Pools.

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