Friday, 19 June 2015


Walt: Write simple and complex sentences
Do you play sports at school we do? This term we get to play basketball  my coaches name is coach Malik and coach yaran. We go basketball with my math teacher inside the hall and we go after lunch and we started playing basketball 7 weeks ago and my math class goes on a Thursday.  As soon as we arrived we have to go into our our groups and we also have leaders because we always play different teams in basketball and my leader is Judah.

When we first started basketball we learnt some skills about basketball. What we learnt is doing pocket pass  overhead pass and a V dribble and we also learnt BEEF and b stands  for balance  e stands for  eye on target and the other e stands  for elbow and last of all f stands is for focus and then shoot. Something else we did with coach Malik and coach Yaran was bouncing the ball with your right hand across and back then we had to do it again but this time we had to do it with our left hand. Then we had to do the same thing but this time we did a V dribble across and back. Then we played a game called traffic lights.

We are playing traffic lights. If you don't know how to play then this is how you play the game . So first you have to pick one person to turn around and look back . Then the peas to turn the other way so he or she can't see any of them and when she is facing the other way the other people  has to run and when the person turns back at the people you have to freeze but if the person sees you move you have to start all over again. Then you keep on repeating until a person gets past the boy or girl or you can just touch the person and then if you touch the person you have to turn around and back.

At the 3rd to last week we got put into groups and we also have leaders and I wasn't in a team because I wasn't here so I just sat down then coach Malik told me to go in Judah’s team. Then my team had to play basketball and we had to play a different team. The first game I was out but as I was out I was cheering for my team so we could win and on the 2end game I was on. When I was playing basketball it was very fun and when I got the ball I ran towards the basketball hope then I passed the ball to someone else and then they tried to shoot the ball into the hoop but he missed or I think he got it in the hope. When our team was off we had to sit on the stage and the team we played had to sit and watch while we were huffing and puffing.

As we were playing I felt like I was a real basketball player playing for New Zealand. I also enjoyed playing Basketball and it was very fun.

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